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The two have had a great past in the world of wrestling, and this project let us get a closer look into their personal lives. Flair's girlfriend Wendy, who you may remember as Fifi the Maid on "Flair for the Gold" in the mid's, swapped places with Piper's wife zwapping 30 Hampton IL wife swapping, Kitty.

This isn't a review zwapping the show, instead I wanted to point out a couple of things. First, on the lighter side, I think the WWE Network once it's up and running could do a similar style show.

I found this particular episode entertaining for a number reasons. It would be epic. But the more serious reason behind this blog is what the Pipers pointed out at the end of the show. Ric Flair needs help.

The lavish lifestyle has caught up with him. He's always on the go.

Always spending money. He looked like a tired man to me on the show.

I hated to see Flair retire. I hated to see him return to the ring even more.

That may not make sense, but I really wish after his retirement match wwife Shawn Michaels, Flair would have found some comfort in working as the WWE Ambassador as he had started doing. I think the company could have easily Hampton IL wife swapping him back into an on-screen character too.

I would still love to see him come back on a full time basis as a manager. Should he be more focused on his family and Wendy's as we saw on Wife Swap?

After more than 40 years in the spotlight, it's tough to hang it up. Flair needs something, and I really hope and pray he finds what it is he's looking for. I Hamton since this taping and the death of Reid Hampton IL wife swapping, he's even more depressed than he appeared on the show.

He's an icon, a legend, and my all time favorite and I hate to see anyone, especially someone I hold in such high regard hurt. I hope the Pipers stay in touch with him and help Flair get better. Digital access or Hampton IL wife swapping and print delivery.

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