Resources for teaching with the Parallax Boe-Bot

Propeller-Powered Teaching

We need a new section of the site - BoeBots powered by the Propeller chip. And, first, teaching an introduction to microcontrollers using Prop.

Students ask: Stamp or Prop or Arduino or ...?     My Answer

  • 2013 Oct - working on conversion of courses from WAM to "Prop WAM" i.e. Propeller C Quick Learner Kit
  • BoeBot to "Prop BoeBot" i.e. ActivityBot Robot Kit

"Prop BoeBot" - ActivityBot Robot Kit  "Prop WAM" - Propeller C Quick Learner Kit
 Here for My Experience
32500: Parallax multicore Propeller ActivityBot Robot Kit 910-32910: Propeller C Quick Learner Kit