Resources for teaching with the Parallax Boe-Bot

Coding and troubleshooting the Boe-Bot is easier when you remember various conventions.
This list helps to solve the problem, albeit at times silly.

Ir Sensor values
Whisker Sensor Values

0Object is sensed

Servo direction for PULSOUT durations above or below 750
Will a duration larger than 750 turn the servo CW or CCW? Consider an analog clock with a hand at 12:00 o'clock.
    CW the clock numbers are smaller (1,2,3...) Duration values smaller than 750 will be CW

    CCW the clock numbers are bigger (11,10,9…). Duration values that are bigger than 750 will be CCW

Servo pin numbers of left and right wheels

In the Middle Ages human left-handedness was considered unlucky. The number 13 was also considered unlucky. Left wheel is connected to Pin 13.

Orientation of LEDs
The short lead ≅ sliced rim ≅ goes towards Vss.
Sometimes the letter 'C' has an S sound, so the short/sliced/Vss side is the cathode.

Pin direction defaults
When you load the program into the BS2 the pins are set to input

Photoresistor values
Luke needed to extend his use of force to resist the darkside   ≅    extended RC times are forced from more resistance caused by darkness