Resources for teaching with the Parallax Boe-Bot

Many mistakes are repeated frequently. The following list provides possible solutions.
n.b. There are several pages in this table (see bottom of table) and the entire table can be sorted

"Duplicate directiveDirectives are {$STAMP BS...} and {$PBASIC …}Syntax
"Expect a labelCan occur in some cases when missing a directive for PBASIC versionSyntax
"Expect a variableVariable not declaredSyntax
"Expect a variableDeclared name is not the same as name used in codeSyntax
"Expected ','Left an argument out of a commandSyntax
"Expected a constant, variable, unary operator or '('Expression is one sidedSyntax
"Label is MissingComment does not start with a single quoteSyntax
"Label is missing :Command misspelledSyntax
"Undefined SymbolPrior line ends in a commaSyntax
"Undefined SymbolUsed wrong name of data type for VAR or CONSyntax