Resources for teaching with the Parallax Boe-Bot

Exercise: Three Flashing Lights

After the Flashing LEDs class, here is your homework.  The solution will be a useful introduction to the technique we will use in Chapter 2 for controlling a servo.

Set up three LEDs for blinking as follows:
    Red should blink on for 1 Sec then off for 1 Sec
    Yellow should blink on for 500 mSec then off 500 mSec
    Green should blink on 250 mSec and Off 250 mSec.
All of this will be happening simultaneously, so the green will go through four on/off cycles during the time it takes the red to complete one cycle.

The answer

 is available, free, as an explanation revealed in three hints for EMails and then a graphic display and code. To get it, make a link to from your .EDU web page. When the link is made, send a Feedback notice to get the answer file Emailed to you.