Resources for teaching with the Parallax Boe-Bot

Propeller BoeBots - New Section for Teachers

>>Animation - Explanation of Boe-Bot Turning Maneuvers
Clarification of the of nine possible motions
Motion - Text     Motion - Symbolic    Motion - Graphic Matrix

>> Animation - Boe-Bot Escaping From a Corner
Animation and comment on code

Calibration Data - Servos with Wheels
Combined data from many Boe-Bots

>> Q & A - Is the Boe-Bot faster than the speed of light?
Consider this puzzler about the infrared (Ir) sensors.

>> List - Mnemonics for Boe-Bot conventions
Remembering Boe-Bot conventions

Form - Calibration Trials
Log sheet for Boe-Bot navigation experiments

List - Common Mistakes  
List - Common Mistakes not caught by the tokenizer
A guide to speed up troubleshooting

Reference Sheet - BoeBot Pin Assignments
Handy table to have on the inside lid of your tool box

Reference Sheet - Boe-Bot Wheels
Boe-Bot reference for wheel motion

Exercise - Three Flashing Lights
A bridge of concepts from LED flashes to servo pulses

Calibration Data - IR Resistors
Distance sensitivity as a function of the resistor in series with the IR emitter.

Archive of photos